GlamDog LoveStory

The GlamDogs came into my life completely overwhelmingly when the idea flashed up, designs and extraordinary creations bubbled out of my head to create dog leashes that not only keep your fur noses safe, but also make you look cheeky, wild and unique looking. My city lines convince not only in design, but also in quality. I developed them myself.

“Safety comes first, of course, but I also focus on design & fashion and attention to detail to make the heart of an individualist beat faster”.

I didn’t want to create any lines at all, because there are so many suppliers of great ropes and COPYING was out of the question for me. I wanted something OWN and actually I had planned something else and kept telling myself “think out of the box”… and the GlamDog idea was closer than my original project. Since then the passion and the fire in me and GlamDog has been burning within 4 weeks with untiring energy, power and a blessed peace in me to create such beautiful things and to receive beautiful ideas that just bubble out of me.

The craziest things have revealed themselves to me and here I am now with my extraordinary creations, which can be seen times correctly and so in this kind on our colorful market place also not to be found.

My cheeky * wild * unique offers:

<3 Varioleinen -own development- <3 Buy or RENT for weddings <3 GlamDog Special for people with special needs <3 GlamDog-Houseparty

Get infected by these unusual dog-walk accessories. I continue to use our mud-rain-light and biothane lines, but I also want “Schicki” and our mouse also looks outrageously good with your GlamDog leash and collar. She could not wear a normal collar at all due to her dewlap on the neck and the much too narrow head circumference and with some commercial “pull-stop collars” she would have been strangled too strongly or could have slipped out if she had been frightened because the ends on the rings are too knobbly worked to slide to where they should. Her head circumference was simply too narrow for a suitable size.

I’ve switched to RedDingo. A recommendation I would like to make for the mud monsters. Unbelievably fabulous for mud and rainy weather and even as a train stop again adjustable in circumference. I have modified this system for myself and now GlamDog-Happy can also look chic. I love it so much!

Just let yourself be infected, carried away and inspired. GlamDog is a registered trademark and many of my designs are protected by trademark law. I advise you with a lot of passion, create with a lot of love for detail and I promise you already now: Your GlamDog love becomes a very personal favourite when it arrives in your Glam package.

“Already in love today?” … then go get a GlamDog 🙂

You get everything from the SuperMinis Chihuahua from collar size 19 cm to XXL sweet giant companions <3 I fulfill many wishes, pendants with heart symbols, and always you will be surprised with a small detail. I can also incorporate real jewellery and heirlooms. I have been checked separately for jewellery processing and am subject to the "supervised trade" with access to the Federal Central Register and permission granted.